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Closing date 26.10.2019

Dear ferret friends,

we want to invite you to our next ferret exhibition on Saturday, 09th November 2019. Location: "Gasthaus Tönsmeyer", Brockhauser Weg 54, 49152 Bad Essen-Brockhausen, Germany.

All ferrets, that comply with the requirements of our rules of exhibition are allowed to participate. Ferrets for breeding, shelter ferrets, each kind of ferret is welcome to our exhibition. There also is the possibility to registrate ferrets with a handicap in the category „Versehrtenklasse“.

In our opinion every ferret is beautiful! Because of this we decided that each registered ferret gets a cup and a certificate at the award ceremony in the end of our exhibition.

Please notice that each ferret (also for companionship) has to be in health and vaccinated against rabies and distemper. Minimum the vaccinations have to be 4 weeks old, but not longer than 1 year. Furthermore the vaccination against rabies with validation for about 2 or 3 years is allowed. Don't forget the vaccination cards, they will be checked at the entrance!

Other animals are only allowed on request and with committed vaccinations (here also the vaccination cards will be checked!). Please contact us in advance! 

If your ferret have a "mistake" in terms of the standard for which you have a medical certificate from your vet, please give the medical certificate to the stuart, when the stuart is going to take your ferret to the jugdes. Then it will not be judged as mistake.    

If your ferret has got a seasonal naked tail, this will not be judged as mistake!

Ferrets with handicaps you can register in the special class "Versehrtenklasse".

Before registration please pay attention to the rules of the exhibition! They will be controlled and in case of disregarding the exhibitor can be disqualified! If there are any questions, please contact us before registration!  

You can await:

- information about ferrets

- Evaluation show

- fabulous shops for ferrets and owners

- big raffle

- meet many nice people

- and even more cute ferrets

We´re looking forward to welcome you!


Saturday, 09th November 2019


Gasthaus Tönsmeyer, Brockhauser Weg 54, 49152 Bad Essen-Brockhausen/ Germany

Registration form:

As of now you can sign up your ferrets for the show!

It´s not allowed to stay the ferrets in the kennel. Neither if you change ferrets between kennel and cage/playpen. Ferrets that don´t get along with your other ferrets have to be placed in an additional cage or playpen. Otherwise the exhibitor will be disqualificated. Cages with grid floor are banned. Please read the rules of exhibition intently before you are going to register your ferrets!

There is a summary of the different categories of colors, which you will find under „categories/ types of colors“. Please check out, in which category you want to register your ferret. Notifications of change at the day of the exhibition are not possible!

Space assignments will be carried out by Frettchenfreunde Osnabrück!


As exhibitor you can bring a cage OR Playpen with you. 
Playpens are allowed from a quantity of 4 registered ferrets and have to be declared in advance. 
When the ferrets get along, two exhibitors are allowed to use 1 Playpen together. 
The maximum size of a playpen is 1,50 x 1,50 metre. Larger dimensions on request!
Please declare in the registration form, if you want to bring a playpen with you and take note of the dimension of your playpen. When you decide to use a playpen, it is not allowed to use a cage in addition!
Please take notice that it is not possible to borrow playpens or cages at the exhibition. 

Registration form for shops:

We just received the first requests for having a shop at our ferret exhibition. If you would like to have a shop at our ferret show, please get in touch with us in time, because the number of shops is limited for lack of space! You can declare your shop at the registration form for shops.

Confirmation - Important !!!

When you registered your ferret successfully, you will get a confirmation by email for EACH ferret you registered! If you did NOT get this CONFIRMATION BY EMAIL, your registration probably FAILED! In this case please do not send a new registration for now, but contact us! Then we will check whether your registration is received! Please contact us via: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

information about registration fee/ bank account:

The registration fee amounts 14,-€ per registered ferret. From a quantity of  3 ferrets the registration fee amounts 12,- € per registered ferret. We don´t accept paypal and cash payments!

Breakfast 2€ for each person (optional).

Account holder: Frettchenfreunde-Osnabrück 1999 e.V.

IBAN: DE59265639601002783100
Bank: Volksbank Bramgau-Wittlage e.G.


If you´re looking for an accommodation, you can book a room or holiday flat at one of the guesthouses below. Please make your reservation betimes!


Highway A1 from direction Westf./ Bremen:
Exit: Bramsche, Engter, Bad Essen
Direction: Bad Essen
From Wehrendorf please follow the signposting.

Highway A30 from direction Hannover, Bielefeld, Bad Oeynhausen, Lingen:
Direction Buer to Barkhausen, follow the course of the road.
From Buer please follow the signposting.


Exhibitors/ Shops: 7:00-9:00 a.m.

Visitors: 10:00 a.m.

Beginning of evaluation: 09:30 a.m.

Ending: approx 7:00 p.m.

For visitors the entrance is 1€


Payments have to be done until November 1st.


Nestwerk Münsterland e.V.


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