Frettchenfreunde Osnabrück 1999 e.V.

Auffangstation / Vermittlung / Urlaubsbetreuung / gemeinsame Treffen

KONTAKT:  Handy: 0152  - 56 79 84 49  /  Festnetz: 05472 - 81 53 48 / e-mail: info@frettchenfreunde-osnabrueck.deFacebookseite


Closing date/ receipt of payment:
The registration fee amounts 14,-€ per registered ferret.  From a quantity of  3 ferrets the registration fee amounts 12,- € per registered ferret.
Due to the sharp rise in costs for breakfast in recent years, we have to calculate additional cost for breakfast in the amount of 2€ for each person! We hope for your understanding!
Closing date is October 13th 2018, payments have to be booked to our account at the latest October 20th 2018.
Bank account for foreign exhibitors:
Frettchenfreunde-Osnabrück 1999 e.V.
IBAN : DE59265639601002783100
Please notice that we can not accept any cash payments at the day of the exhibition!
Notifications of change or deregistrations also will be possible until October 13th 2018.
The proceeds of the exhibition inure to the benefit of our ferret rescue.


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