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Rules of the exhibition
  • All Ferrets that are registered, have to be free of diseases and parasite. Pregnant, snappy and undernourished ferrets will be disqualified. The ferrets have to be vaccinated against rabies and destemper. Please don´t forget the vaccination cards, because they will be checked at the entrance! Minimum the vaccinations have to be 4 weeks old, but not longer than 1 year. Furthermore the vaccination against rabies with validation for about 2 or 3 years is allowed. 
  • Each exhibitor has to ensure that the ferrets during the journey and the waiting time at the entrance are arranged in clean kennels, which include fresh drinking water and a litter box. With disregard, disqualification is imminent.
  • In the showroom it is not allowed to smoke (also e-cigarettes!). Please take care of it.
  • You have to take care of your ferrets (water, food, cage, etc.) Hay and straw are not allowed.
    It´s not allowed to stay the ferrets in the kennel. Neither if you change ferrets between kennel and cage/playpen. Ferrets that don´t get along with your other ferrets have to be placed in an additional cage or playpen. Otherwise the exhibitor will be disqualificated.
    Minimum size of a cage: as large as the ferret has enough room and is able to move freely inside of the cage, several floors or hammocks desired. Cages with grid floor are banned.
    You can use a playpen with a maximum size of 150 x 150 cm from a quantity of 4 ferrets. From a quantity of 6 ferrets larger dimensions on request.
  • It is not allowed to sale ferrets at the exhibition.
  • No Ferret without proctor!
  • The minimum age for ferrets is 3 month. The maximum age is addicted from the assessment of the owner and the vet.
  • You have to handle your ferret with care. Consequences of non-observance are disqualification as well as a complaint.
  • The judgment is inviolable!
  • By shorthair-ferrets we will open a category if one ferret is registered. By angora ferrets we will decide after deadline, if categories with low quantity of registered ferrets will be fold up. There always will be a winner in each class. After this, we will seek the “Best in Show” ferret (subdivided in male/ female, young/ old). In this case the winner of every class will compete against each other. The appraisal happened by a secret voting. Either all of the judges will choose or some persons from the audience.
  • Each ferret will get a start number and only the stuart is allowed to take the ferret to the judges.
  • All Ferrets, which are in veterinary treatment need a medical certificate!
  • Our vet will check each ferret before entry the exhibition hall. The vet will check for diseases and parasite. In case of positive findings, the ferret will be disqualificated. The decision of the vet is inviolable.
  • Ferrets which are not registered for the exhibition are only allowed to enter the showroom with special permission. In this case point 1 of the exhibition rules is valid.
  • Other animals are only allowed if the exhibition management will permit.
    It´s forbitten to leave any kind of animals in the car! In case of disrespection the exhibitor will be disqualificated.
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Grumblers will be excluded from the exhibition.
  • Frettchenfreunde Osnabrück e. V. will not assume liability for lost ferrets


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