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It is our goal to evaluate ferrets as they are here. 
Every ferret is beautiful!
However certain circumstances should not be unconsidered.
The age of the ferret:
aborted or discolored teeth at a young ferret are mistakes. Not so are old ferrets.
For the classification (weather the ferret is a Sable light/ dark, Cinnamon/ Chocolate, Albino, Blackself, Blacksolid, Harlequin and so on) the whole type ist deciding.
Therefor the following standard gives a rule, which criterias will be evaluated. 
The accessible total score 100 results oft he following individual points:
- Type / build
- Head
- Fur
- Behavior
- State of care
100 - 99,5 points:     fabulous
99 - 97 points:          excellent
96,5 - 94 points:       very good
93,5 - 85 points:       good
< / = 84,5 points:      satisfying
Best in Show:
Every winner in a classification, separated in age and sex
Ferrets which have nipped teeth 
Ferrets which are sick
Ferrets which have vermins (like ear mites or flea)
Ferrets which have matted or glued fur
Ferrets which are biting
Whether a ferret wll be disqualificated, shall be administered by the vet or the guidance of the show.


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